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XP & Levels
Level-up to earn crates, coupons, level colors, and more.

What is XP?

Your level is the number shown next to your chat messages. Each player starts at level 1, and levels-up by earning XP. Each isoVerse server has unique ways to earn XP, and you can level-up faster if you log in each day. When you level-up, you'll earn crates, level colors, isoVerse store coupons, and XP boosts for everyone online.

Your level

Use /xp to see how much XP you currently have and how much is needed to level-up. Below you have the ability to change your level color. Simply click on a color and your level in chat will be changed to use the color you select. It becomes harder to level-up as you play more, but the rewards are much better for higher levels.

How to earn XP

Log in each day to maximize your rewards:

Claim daily /rewards
Get Pro for extra rewards
Gain /playtime
/vote for isoVerse
Complete /quests in Survival
Level-up your /island in Skyblock
Participate in /contests in Creative
Complete /parkour courses
Find hidden rewards in Hub, Survival, and Skyblock spawns
Unlock duplicate items from /crates
Participate in seasonal events and double XP bonuses
When you or others level-up

Rewards for leveling up

You'll earn a reward every time you level-up. Significant rewards shown below:

Level Reward
8 Store coupon
10 500 XP for everyone
15 White level color
20 Epic disguise crate
25 750 XP for everyone
30 Aqua level color
35 1000 XP for everyone
40 Green level color
43 1250 XP for everyone
45 Epic spell crate
50 Purple level color
55 Epic emoji crate
60 Blue level color
65 1500 XP for everyone
68 Epic trails crate
70 Orange level color
75 Epic pet crate
80 Yellow level color
83 Legendary spell crate
86 Legendary emoji crate
88 Legendary pet crate
90 Red level color
93 Legendary trails crate
95 1500 XP for everyone
97 Legendary disguise crate
100 Black level color

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