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Classic experience with a twist.

Classic experience with a dynamic economy, player shops, towns, trading, renting land, daily shop trades, and a huge town with fun quests.

Earning & spending money

Check your /balance to see how much money you have. Earn money in the /spawn by selling items to the traders or complete quests in Imber. Check the top balances with /balancetop, and send money to a friend with /pay [player] [amount]. Money can be used to buy items from the traders or purchase land claims (see below).

Completing quests

Click on any of the townspeople in Imber to talk to them and participate in their quests. Type /quests to see your progress and completed quests. If you have a compass in your inventory while chatting with an NPC, it will be updated to point in the direction of your next step in the quest. When you finish a quest, you may get items, money, or isoVerse XP. You can repeat most quests every week to maximize your rewards.

Claiming land

Keep your house safe with a land claim. Type /claim to begin the claiming process. Right-click the first corner of your property, then walk to the opposite corner and right-click again. Confirm the cost to create the claim (each block in your claim costs $1). Once the claim is created, you will see a visual outline of its borders. View all claims on the online map. Type /claiminfo to open the claim menu to see who owns land or change settings in your own claim. Each tab at the top is clickable and explained below:

  • Claim: view basic claim info, change display name (requires Hero+), teleport to claim, toggle inheritance, change type. Click "Back" to abandon the claim or start renting the claim.
  • Commands: an overly complicated list of commands that you'll rarely use. We recommend skipping this tab.
  • Flags: control the actions players can take on your claim. Switch between Public and Owner modes to choose what guests and trusted players are able to do, respectively. Flags are available for Ultra+, and certain additional flags are unlocked as you upgrade your rank.
  • Player: view statistics and limits to your claims.
  • Trust: give other players permission to build and interact with your claim. Switch to any tab except All and click the [+] to add a player or group. For players, enter their username. For groups, enter an isoVerse rank or "public" for everyone.
    • All: list all players and groups with any level of trust.
    • Accessor: interact with all blocks except inventory (chest, furnace, etc.)
    • Container: interact with all blocks and open/edit containers
    • Builder: break and place blocks
    • Manager: modify claim settings, flags, and trusts
  • Hide-Chat: turn this option on at the bottom to pause chat messages as you interact with your claim.

Selling items in a shop

Create a chest shop to buy and sell items from other players. View a list of other shops with /shops and you can buy with other players from anywhere in Survival. You can create up to 20 chest shops, or get a rank to create up to 100. It's easy to make a chest shop:

  1. Place a chest in a land claim you own (see above for instructions)
  2. Hold the item you want to sell
  3. Hold down SHIFT and Left-click the chest
  4. Specify the quantity of items to sell in a each transaction
  5. Specify the price per item
When you are done, other players can buy the item and you will receive money for it. Right-click the chest to open the shop as other players see it, and use the Settings button at the bottom to edit your shop, add a buy price, restock items, hide it from the public shops list, and more.

Trading items and money

To make a deal with another player, type /trade [player]. A trade is a safe environment where you both can place items you want to swap, and specify an amount of money if you desire. Once both players lock in the trade, the items are moved automatically. If you don't want to receive trade requests, use /tradetoggle.

Skipping the night

The night time can be dangerous with monsters roaming around. If one-third (33% or greater) of the players online in Survival sleep in a bed, the time will quickly switch to day. A message at the top of the screen will indicate the amount of players needed to sleep.

PvPing with others

To test out your weapons and armor, enable PvP mode with /pvp. If two players have this enabled, they will be able to fight in the wilderness. On combat death you will not lose your items or experience points.

Article last updated 11 months ago