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Rules & Policies
These simple rules apply anywhere you interact with isoVerse.

1 Respect everyone at all times

We expect you to respect other players and staff members. Be mindful of other people. Act maturely and respectfully. If you disagree with someone, don't be a jerk.

2 Keep the chat clean

  • No swearing: Cussing, cursing, and foul language
  • No spamming: Noisy chat, repeating the same letter or message
  • No advertising: Discussing other Minecraft servers
  • No politics*: Sharing opinions of political events, politicians
  • No religion*: Sharing religious beliefs or asking others to share theirs
  • No flirting*: Showing public displays of affection
  • No role-playing*: Using public chat for role-playing activities
  • Items marked with an asterisk (*) do not apply in group chats or private messages only if everyone receiving the message consents to that type of content.

3 No client modifications or exploits

Mods can provide a new way to play Minecraft. Some add new items (which are allowed but simply won't work), or change sound effects or add shading to the world (which are perfectly acceptable). However, some mods (including hacked clients) allow you to cheat on Minecraft servers. You can NOT use any of these mods. If it changes gameplay, gives you an unfair advantage, or shows you something you can't see in vanilla Minecraft, it is not allowed. If you discover an exploit that could give an unfair advantage due to a bug or technical flaw, it is your responsibility to report it to us. If you abuse the exploit without telling us, you will be banned. Don't try to break or trick in-game systems like the AFK timer.

Allowed Mods
Not on this list? Then it's not allowed.

Texture Packs (non- X-Ray only)
Resource Packs (non- X-Ray only)
Badlion Client
Rei's Minimap (NOT any that allows cheating)
Replay mod - ONLY allowed if used for filming exclusively. Using it to find hidden ores or locations is bannable.
BetterGrass, BetterLight, etc. (Included in OptiFine)
Higher Clouds (included in OptiFine)
Water Shader Mods
World Edit CUI
Sunlis' Durability Warning Mod
Clear Water (included in OptiFine)
MC Capes (included in OptiFine)
Status Effect HUD
Better Animation
Rave mod
Auto Join
Unbelievable Shaders Mod
Inventory HUD+
Lunar Client
Shulker Box Tooltips
No other mods are allowed unless on this list.

Banned Mods
Just a few examples.

World/Schematic Downloaders
Entity Radars
Range hacks
Walk on water mods
Smart Moving
Chest Finders
Inventory Tweaks
Battle advantages or quick draw mods
Mob dismemberment/amputation
Any type of modified clients (Nodus, etc.)
Anything else that modifies gameplay or gives an unfair advantage.

4 No griefing, stealing, property damage, or trolling

If you didn't build it, don't touch it. Don't create traps that will damage other players. Create warps in safe locations only. Don't claim land next to another player's claim without their permission. If you are unsure if an area belongs to someone else, create a /ticket at its location and the staff team will confirm.

5 No inappropriate buildings, skins, usernames


  • 3-month Inactivity Policy
    To keep our databases happy and our storage costs to a minimum, we track how active you are on our Minecraft server. If you do not log in for 90 consecutive days (3 months), we will delete some of the data we have stored about you to free up space for other players. To avoid any data loss, simply log in to our Minecraft server at least once every 89 days. You can check a player's last login date with /seen [player]. There are no exceptions to this rule, it applies equally to everyone.

    Data that may be deleted: Ranks, Warps, Group Chats, Unlocked Cosmetics, XP and level, Survival land claims, Survival towns, Survival balance, Skyblock Islands, Creative Plots

  • Sharing Donor Perks
    When you get a rank, you also get perks. All of these features are designed to benefit you only, not other players. Using your perks to benefit another player is against the rules and will result in forfeiture of your donor rank. Examples include (but are not limited to): placing colored signs for others, changing plot flags on a plot in which you're not a major builder, changing Island border/biome/name of an Island you don't own, claiming plots then transferring them to someone else to avoid the plot limits, etc.

  • Automatic Farms & Lag Machines
    We encourage players to take advantage of all Minecraft mechanics, including building automatic farms, generators, and complex redstone contraptions. Any structure or creation that causes lag, harm to others, or unnecessary use or creation of resources may be deleted immediately and without warning.

  • Alternate Accounts
    Each human playing on isoVerse must have a single Minecraft account that they use to join the server, and must have a single Discord account they use on our Discord. Using multiple accounts to attempt to gain playtime, keep chunks loaded, earn money or XP, collect items, avoid the AFK timer, or assist your primary account in any way is not allowed. If you are banned or punished, you are not allowed to use another account in an attempt to bypass the infraction. Attempts to bypass or trick the AFK timer will result in a ban.

  • Keep Your Account Secure
    If you don't have a long, complex, unique, and secure password for your account, go update it. If your Discord account doesn't have two-factor authentication, go turn that on. If your account is used without your permission (by a family member or a hacker), it is YOUR responsibility. Don't let others use your account for any reason.

  • Observing Rule-Breakers
    If someone refuses to obey the rules, ignore them. Mini-modding is not allowed. Do not try to correct them or enforce the rules, as this will just make the situation worse. Get evidence in the form of a screenshot or video, and then report it to us.

  • Terms and Conditions
    You must agree to the isoVerse Terms and Conditions to play on our Minecraft server, use our website, or interact with our Discord server (our "Services"). Engaging with our Services constitutes an acceptance of our terms.

  • Privacy Policy
    We go to extreme lengths to ensure your data is secure and protected. Our Services have been built from day one to be private and encrypted. Only our two senior leadership team members have access to user data, and all sensitive data is protected with SHA-512 encryption. Visit our Privacy Policy to learn more about how your data is used and protected while on our Services.

  • Staff Expectations
    Our Moderators and Admins are expected to follow the exact same rules as everyone else. In fact, they are held to a higher expectation and breaking any rule will usually result in harsher penalties than players. They are not given any abilities that let them cheat at the game, and all moderation activities are closely monitored by isoVerse leadership.

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