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Get a rank with awesome features and support isoVerse.


Get a Rank Purchasing a rank from our online store will activate on isoVerse and provide access to the perks and features listed below. 100% of every purchase is used to help keep our servers running. Ranks will activate 5-10 minutes after purchase.

The Pro rank is a monthly or annual subscription. It has unique features and is separate from all other ranks.

The Hero, Ultra, Titan, and Elite ranks are all similar. Each contains additional features that build off the previous rank. You can upgrade between these ranks at any time and only pay the difference

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Feature Default Pro
Crates 5× Legendary, 5× Epic each month 1× Common 1× Rare 1× Epic 1× Legendary
Included kits Starter, Fighter, Farmer Spawner, Valuables, Bedrock Engineer, Candle Fisherman, Designer, Demolitionist, Woodworker Florist, Bucket, Enchanter Alchemist, Archer, Music
Backpack rows 1 6 2 3 4 5
Spells cooldown 5 min 1 min
Automatic AFK moving 15 min 2 hours 45 min 1 hour
Wear any block or item as a hat
Sit on other players
Change your skin
Portable crafting table
Chat in third-person
Use rain trails
Glowing Pro disguise
Alphabet emoji
Skyblock skills XP boost 10%
Skyblock skills cooldown 25% faster
Customize trails color & data, extra 7 trails
Use HEX color chat
Maximum simultaneous active trails 1 5 1 2 3 Blue, Green, Gold
Saved trail groups 0 10 1 2 4 7
Pet particles Diamond Leaf Red Yellow Blue, Green, Gold
Pet particles Diamond Leaf Red Yellow Blue, Green, Gold
Homes 1 3 5 10 20
Creative plots 1 2 3 4 5
Warps 3 5 15 30 50
Chest shops 20 40 60 80 100
Concurrent Survival auctions 3 5 10 15 25
Creative plot features Basic Set home, alias, description Merge plots Set plot biome, music, deny entry Extra plot flags
Creative WorldEdit features Basic Liquids, terrain, navigation Use tools, advanced operations Use brushes, masks, super pickaxe Schematics
Break and pick up mob spawners Zombie Skeleton, Silverfish Spider, Cave Spider Blaze, Magma Cube
Chat to the server from Discord
Clear inventory
Create group chats
Sit in chairs
Pet cannon
Baby chicken disguise
Change land claim name
Survival land claim flags chest-access, damage-animals, lighter, ride, vehicle-use, villager-trade block-fertilize, crop-growth, enderman-grief, fire-spread, grass-growth, ice-melt, mushroom-growth, mycelium-spread, sign-use, sleep, snow-melt pvp, ice-form, leaf-decay, snow-fall, snowman-trail, soil-dry, vine-growth
Change Island border
Sit on anything
Double-jump particles & sounds
Buy and sell from anywhere in Survival
Rename pet
Hide your own disguise
Baby zombie disguise
Maximum health 10 11 13 16 20
Auto-sort chests and inventory
Make colored signs
Create a nickname Simple Colored
Go back to last location, even on death
Set Island name
Change fly/walk speed
Open ender chest
Lay and crawl
Create warp signs
Wear pets as hats
Teleport to a specific biome
Save "Wings Set" for quick use
Baby llama disguise
Use colored chat
Claim two towns
Place player heads and barriers
Change Island biome
Ride mobs
Ride pets
Powered creeper disguise
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