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Jump your way to crates and a spot on the leaderboard.

What is parkour?

Parkour is a real sport of running and jumping around obstacles. The Parkour server takes Minecraft parkour to a new level. With several courses of varying difficulty, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

How do I join a course?

The courses are visible around the /spawn. Walk up to one and punch the sign labeled "Join" to start. Or you can click on the "Course Selector" boots in your inventory, or the "Join a parkour course" NPC at the spawn. Courses vary in difficulty from super easy to super hard.

What do I do while in a course?

Jump, sneak, sprint, and run across the obstacles to get to the end. Make sure to step on the gold pressure plate, which is a checkpoint. In case you fall, just click on the gold pressure plate in your inventory to respawn at your last unlocked checkpoint. Click on the green dye to toggle seeing other players, which might help you concentrate. Click on the nether star to leave and return to the spawn. Click the stick to completely restart from the beginning.

What rewards do I get for finishing a course?

If you reach the end of a course, no matter how many times you restarted from a checkpoint, you'll be given a crate and some isoVerse XP. You can earn all four crates depending on course difficulty!

How do I get on the leaderboards?

Click the nether star in your inventory while at the /spawn to view the leaderboards. The top 10 players with the best time on each course are listed. While in a course, your time is shown on the scoreboard. Click the stick while in a course to reset from the beginning and also reset your time.

Article last updated 1 year ago