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Travel around the isoVerse network.

How do I get around isoVerse?

You can open the /menu to see a list of servers. Just click on a server to teleport to it. To return to the central, safe location of the server you're on, type /spawn. Return to the Hub at any time with /hub. There are additional things to do on the menu including daily rewards, voting, support tickets, contests, your XP, and more.

How do I start building?

Each one of our servers is unique. Just type /build on any of them to start building. On Survival, you will be sent to a random spot in the wilderness, where you'll be safe for a few seconds. On Skyblock it will prompt you to create a new Island (if you already have one, type /is). On Creative you will be sent to a new Plot (if you already have one, type /plot). On Parkour you will start playing the practice course.

How can I visit my friends?

The best part of isoVerse is playing with friends. To teleport to someone, just type /tp [player]. If you have an incoming teleport request, you'll need to accept it before anyone will move. If you want to teleport someone to your location, use /tphere [player]. If you don't want to be bothered by teleport requests, type /tptoggle to toggle them off.

How do I return home?

If you're not in a Spawn, you can create a home with /sethome (name). Return to it at any time with /home (home). If you purchase a rank you can have multiple homes: list them all with /homes. To delete a home location, use /delhome (name).

How can I set up a warp?

Warps are a great way to have others be able to visit your creation in Survival, Creative, or Skyblock. Just type /warp to open the menu. You will be able to create a new warp or manage an existing one. You can also filter to see public warps created by others (new warps are public by default). Use /warp [name] to quickly teleport to one. Get the Titan rank to create warp signs. Just place a sign and put [warp] as the first line, then fill the rest of the sign with the name of the warp. Include how you would run the command, with the warp owner's name, a period, and the warp name. You may need to fill multiple lines on the sign.

Article last updated 2 months ago