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Keep in the loop and link your account.

How do I join the isoVerse Discord server?

Join our Discord server with invite link: Once you join, you'll need to link your Minecraft account with your Discord account to see any channels:

  1. Join our Discord server
  2. Type /link on the isoVerse Minecraft server and find the four-digit code
  3. Click the isoLink BOT
  4. Type the four-digit code you received and press ENTER
  5. Your accounts should now be linked. If you are having trouble, create a /ticket in-game

What are the benefits of linking my account?

Having a Discord account linked to your Minecraft account helps our staff team to better assist you and our community members to better identify you. Your Discord nickname will be changed to match your Minecraft username, all ranks will sync, and you will be able to access and chat in our channels. If you need to /unlink your account, you'll lose access to the channels.

  • Ranks and username will sync
  • Access to chat/voice channels
  • Join group chats
  • Use basic WorldEdit on Creative
  • Use a virtual /backpack
  • Use chat & commands instantly upon login

Article last updated 1 month ago