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Build anything your imagination can dream of.

Build anything you can imagine on a 99x99 plot. Build with friends and use free WorldEdit, and show off your creations in a monthly contest with exclusive prizes.

Building on a Plot

When you first join Creative, you will be teleported to a new plot: a patch of grass where you can build anything you want. Return to your plot with /plot home. If you want to claim a different plot, you can use /plot delete while standing on your current plot and then fly to a specific plot and claim it with /plot claim or claim a random plot with /plot auto. Each player gets one plot for free. You can upgrade your rank to unlock additional plots.

Teleporting Between Plots

Each plot has an ID, which you can view with /plot info while standing on it. See a list of all plots in isoVerse with /plot list all, or use /plot list mine to view a list of plots that you own. As a Hero+, you can set a /plot alias that others can use instead of a plot ID. Use /plot visit to teleport to any one of them. You also can set your home or create a warp for quicker access.

Working with Friends

Teamwork is important, especially on large projects. You can allow others players to build on your plot with /plot add [player], which will give them building permissions only while you are online on the Creative server. If you trust them and want to let them build even when you're offline, you can use /plot trust [player] to give them even more freedom. To remove an added player, use /plot kick [player]. If a player is being particularly annoying, as a Titan+ you can prevent them from even entering your plot with /plot deny [player]. You can view a list of players added to the plot with /plot info.

Participating in Contests

Every month there is a contest that you can join. The details will be posted to our Discord server, including the requirements, prizes, and method to submit your entry. To see the current state of the contest in-game, use /contest. You can view a list of entries and teleport to them with /contest list, and if it is voting time you will be able to vote for an entry by clicking on it.

Changing the weather, time, biome, and more

Things like plot weather, time, biome, and other properties are flags, and can be modified with the /plot flag menu. Titan+ are able to set a wide variety of flags, and Elites can set almost any flag. These flags allow you to let random players click on buttons, change the gamemode of players entering your plot, prevent snow from melting, prevent item drops, and much more. Use /plot flag list to see a list of available flags, and /plot flag set [flag] [value] to update a flag's value. You can view a list of flags applied to the plot with /plot info.

Feature Command Linked Hero Ultra Titan Elite
Included plots /plot claim 1 2 3 4 5
Fix lighting issues on your plot /plot relight
Set your plot home /plot sethome
Use a plot alias instead of ID /plot alias set [alias]
Set your plot description /plot desc [text]
Teleport to the plot's center /plot middle
Unlink merged plots /plot unlink
Merge nearby plots together /plot merge
Set your plot biome /plot biome [biome]
Prevent people from entering /plot deny [player]
Play music while on your plot /plot music
Set plot flags (see below) /plot flag
Plot flags for Titans: break, crop-grow, disable-physics, entity-change-block, forcefield, lectern-read-book, music, place, time, use, vehicle-break, vehicle-place, vehicle-use, weather
Plot flags for Elites: gamemode, instabreak, no-worldedit, notify-enter, notify-leave, titles (and all Titan flags)

Using WorldEdit

Placing each block by hand can be difficult. Use WorldEdit to make that work easier, as well as being able to generate geometric shapes and use other useful building utilities. To unlock WorldEdit commands, just /link your Minecraft account to our Discord server. For help using WorldEdit, just search the internet for "WorldEdit tutorial". For detailed information about each of the commands listed below, click here for an explanation.

Feature Command Linked Hero Ultra Titan Elite
Get distribution of blocks in a selection //distr
Perform math calculations //calc
Use the clipboard //copy, //paste, //cut, //flip, //rotate
Change blocks in selection //set, //faces, //walls
Change history //undo, //redo, //rollback
Modify your selection //wand, //contract, //expand, //hpos, //inset, //outset, //shift, //size
View information on items //searchitem, //nbtinfo
Modify liquids //drain, //fixlava, //fixwater
Modify terrain //extinguish, //green, //fall, //fill
Easy navigation //ascend, //descend, //jump, //thru, //unstuck, //up
Terrain generation //flora, //forest, //snow, //thaw
Advanced region operations //move, //replace, //stack, //remove, //removeabove, //removebelow, //replacenear
Use tools //tool
Use brushes //brush
Generate forests, pumpkins, images, ores //generate
Use masks and super pickaxe //mask, //sp
Save clipboard to a schematic //schematic

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