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Unlock a random cosmetic item to use throughout isoVerse.

What are crates?

Buy Crates Crates contain a random cosmetic item that you can use on every isoVerse server. Collect crates in many ways and open them with /crates. Crates have four rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Common crates can be easily found, while Legendary crates are very difficult to find.

What rewards do crates give?

Crates will give a completely random cosmetic item. There are five categories of cosmetics: disguises, pets, trails, spells, and emoji. Visit the cosmetics page to learn more about each of them. If you unlock an item that you have already found, you'll receive XP instead.

How to earn Crates

Action Reward
Buy them at our store Common-Legendary
Claim daily /rewards Common-Epic, Legendary crate if you claim rewards every day for 28 days
Get Pro 5 Legendary and 5 Epic crates each month
Gain /playtime Common-Rare, Epic after 12 hours
/vote for isoVerse Common for voting on all sites; Legendary, Epic, Rare for being the top 1, 2, 3 voters of the month
/link your Discord account Epic
Participate in /contests in Creative Legendary crate for first place, various rewards for other places and participation
Complete /parkour courses Common-Legendary depending on course difficulty
Leveling up Common-Legendary depending on level
Find hidden rewards in Hub, Survival, and Skyblock spawns Common for first reward, Epic or Legendary for finding all of them
Complete each server's /tutorial Rare-Epic
Participate in seasonal events

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