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Colorful and fun items that make your isoVerse experience magical.

What are cosmetics?

Opening a crate will unlock a random cosmetic item that matches the rarity and category of the crate you opened. There are dozens of items to find within each rarity of each category of crate. Each cosmetic category has things that make it unique. The color of the cosmetic corresponds to its rarity.


Activate a disguise to turn yourself into any mob that you've unlocked. Type /d to view a list of disguises that are available, and type /d [mob] to disguise as one. Type /u to remove your active disguise. As an Ultra+ you can type /dvs (disguise view self) to toggle viewing your own disguise as you walk around. While disguised your action bar will notify you. If you've unlocked a baby disguise, use /d [mob] baby to use it. If you've unlocked a powered creeper, use /d creeper setPowered true to use it.


Enable a trail to have particles follow you around isoVerse. Type /trails to open the menu where you can choose and customize your trail. You can click on your head to toggle trail visibility for yourself, which will hide all trails on only your screen.

  • Active Trails (blaze powder): Click to view each active trail you have. You can click on a trail to edit its properties, click on the book to add an additional trail, or click on the barrier to remove all active trails. Want to use more than one trail at once? Upgrade your rank.
  • Trail Groups (chest): Have a specific set of trails active that you want to save for later? Create a trail group to apply these same trails with one click. Donate to use this feature, and upgrade your rank to save more trail groups.
  • Edit Primary...: Use these three options to edit your primary active trail. Unless you have multiple trails at once, this is an easy place to edit your trail settings:
    1. Effect: This is the look and design of the trail, including the particles used and colors of the effects. There are 77 different effects you can unlock by opening crates.
    2. Style: This is the way the particles move around you. Some styles only happen on certain events, like arrows, block break, block place, death, hurt, move, and swords. The other styles are applied all the time. Unlock styles with crates crates (excluding common). All players receive the normal style initially.
    3. Data: Some effects have different colors, block material, items, note block color, or vibration. Exclusively for Pro, customizing the data of your trail allows you make your trails even more unique and personalized. Pro subscribers unlock the block, dust, dust color transition, entity effect, falling dust, item, and note trail effects which all have customizable data.


A friendly block that accompanies you around isoVerse. Common and Rare pet crates contain simple blocks, Epic crates contain Minecraft mobs, and Legendary crates contain unique characters from popular movies and video games. Type /pets to open the menu where you can customize and interact with your pet (options shown from top-left to bottom-right):

  • Red/green light: click to show or hide your pet.
  • Your pet: a preview of the block your pet is currently wearing.
  • Skin: click to activate a new skin that you've unlocked.
  • Settings: give your pet a new name above their head (requires Ultra+), hide or show the particles around your pet, and mute or unmute the sounds your pet makes.
  • Ride: when your pet is shown, click to ride your pet around (requires Elite)
  • Hat: when your pet is shown, click to wear your pet as a hat (requires Titan+)
  • Call: if your pet is stuck or far away, click to call your pet to your side.
  • Cannon: when your pet is shown, click to launch it up in the air (requires Hero+)
  • Particles: when your pet is shown, click to customize or remove the particles that surround your pet. Each rank unlocks different particles you can use.


Add some sparkle to your chat messages with emoji. Type /emoji to view a list of emoji you have unlocked, and click on one to use it. Each emoji can be typed in chat using an exclamation mark followed by the name of the emoji. For example, to insert a heart into your sentence, type "I !heart you" which will appear as: "I you".


Add a bit of magic to your conversations and interactions with other players with /spells. These cosmetics are unique because they are consumable, and you unlock three at a time instead of one. Using a spell will broadcast a message and perform an action on either you or the specified player. You can use a spell every 8 minutes, or get the Pro rank to wait only 3 minutes. Each spell has its own command:

Spell Rarity Command Description
Hug Common /hug [player] Hug another player and give them regeneration for 1 minute
RollEyes Common /rolleyes (player) Roll your eyes at yourself or another player
LOL Common /lol Laugh out loud
Cry Common /cry Sob uncontrollably
Heal Common /heal Replenish the health and hunger of everyone online
Smite Rare /smite [player] Strike lightning down at another player
Rocket Rare /rocket Launch yourself up in the air
Blind Rare /blind [player] Give blindness to someone for 5 seconds
Umbrella Rare /umbrella Stop the rain or snow
Kiss Rare /kiss [player] Give someone a big smooch
Luck Epic /luck Become extra lucky for 1 minute
Slap Epic /slap [player] Slap someone in the face
Taunt Epic /taunt (player) Tease and provoke someone.
XP Booster Epic /xpboost Give everyone double isoVerse XP for 10 minutes.
Survival Money Booster Epic /moneyboost Give everyone extra income from selling items to the traders at the /spawn in Survival.
Frost Legendary /frost [player] Send shivers down someone's spine
Fly Legendary /fly Fly in the air for 1 minute
God Legendary /god Become immune to all damage for 1 minute

Skin change

Change your skin whenever you want with the Pro rank. Choose any player whose skin you'd like to copy and use /skin [player]. Use /skin clear to restore your skin back to normal.

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